Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen

In this sequel to the book Lawn Boy, where a twelve year old makes a killing mowing lawns after his grandmother gives him an old riding mower.  He unintentionally turned a little summer job where he hoped to earn enough money to purchase a bicycle tire innertube into a VERY successful business. 

Now the lawn boy experiences the joys and hassles of owning a small business!  His stockbroker and friend Arnold, who is essentially running the business while keeping lawn boy involved in every decision hires lawyers, accountants, PR people....and when the story of lawn boy's success hits the news-watch out!  Overnight he turns into an overnight star!

Oh, and don't forget several "long lost" family members who show up asking for help...and some of lawn boy's cash and wants to "help" his prize-winning boxer. 

Whew!  It's all a little overwhelming...all he wants is to cut some grass!  What's a boy to do??

What I Thought:
Gary Paulsen has made a way to teach boring old economic and business concepts through an interesting story.

And for that, I salute him!

You had to feel for the Lawn Boy in this story...his frustration level rises throughout the book as everything gets more and more complicated until Lawn Boy makes an important decision. 

This book is also a great example of what a successful entrepreneurship can reap.  And WOW.  Does Lawn Boy reap.

Hand this to any economic or business student, as well as your teenage child.  Then point them towards the lawn mower.

Highly recommended!

Want to see more?  Check it out on Amazon: Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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