Saturday, March 20, 2010

Goals for 2010--Updated

I have a good friend who has challenged herself to ready 100 books during 2010, and I think this is pretty darn cool.

So I'm going to challenge myself to the same thing. I like to think that I already read this many books in a year, but have never really kept track! This year, I am going to keep a running list.

Here's my restrictions:
*I pledge to read 100 books over the next 365 days.

*Picture books don't count in the challenge but I will continue reading those and blogging reviews.

*Kids novels, graphic novels, YA novels, adult novels, and nonfiction books that are not built like picture books will be included.

*At least 10 books must be Newbery Award winners.

*At least 8 books must be Printz Award winners or honors.

*I'll blog each book in the tally. You can check my progress here
-----Updated 3/20/10...Yeah, blogging each book isn't going to happen!  I went a while without blogging and I'm not going to go back and write them up.  Sorry.  Life got in the way.  It happens!----

I sure hope that I read much more than 100 books, but it will be a very busy spring semester for me with my graduate schoolwork and my job at the library, plus we are getting settled into a new house. (There's lots of painting, unpacking, organizing, yard work, looking for furniture in my future!) I'm not going to over-commit myself, I'll go CRAZY!

Want to join the fun? Come on! Let's spend 2010 reading!