Monday, July 01, 2013

All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill

This book review is from guest reviewer hubby!  The book was provided by the Thomas Nelson book blogging program, BookSneeze in 2012.  With the birth of our baby this task fell through the cracks but we are finally fulfilling this commitment. 

“All-Pro Dad” is a great book for dads in all stages.  I’m a first time father and I read this book right before my son was born.  The book consists of 8 chapters, each based on a lesson that every father should learn no matter where he is in life or his child’s life.  Each chapter is based on the concept of ways to be not only a better father but also a better man.  A couple of my favorite chapters were
What’s My Purpose? How Can I Better Love My Family? And Who or What Am I Living For? 

This book consists of stories, insights and observations that help lay the groundwork for being the best father you can be for your children.  Each chapter shows you steps to take to implement the practices into your daily life.  Each chapter ends with a section titled “Huddle Up and Ask Your Child” that encourages you to ask your children a series of questions to help you find out exactly where you are in their eyes and where you need to be. 

“All-Pro Dad” is a book I recommend to all dads out there no matter if your children are newborn or adults.  This book is a great tool to help you become not only a better father but a better man in a world that needs more men like Mark Merill.