Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Brand-New Me! by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

It's nearing graduation from 5th from grade and that means one thing...NO MORE PS 87 and HELLO MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Then a couple of setbacks muddy up the road for Hank.  First, he receives notice that he has not completed the required community service hours needed for graduation.  But, he takes care of that by helping Mr. Rock clean the school's musical instruments.

But when he finds out that his two best friends will be attending the middle school for the gifted and talented....leaving him behind. 

Thankfully, Mr. Rock sees something in Hank...something that no one else does.  Does Hank step out of his box and shoot for the stars? 

What I Thought:
Sigh.  I love Hank Zipzer.  I love his quirky character; he's a funny, smart guy.  I love his positive attitude.  And it doesn't help the book is set in New York City, one of my most favorite places in the world!

But my favorite thing about this installment of Hank's story?  The influence of teachers in Hank's life.  We see two dramatically different teachers: one who encourages Hank to mature his talents and work through his difficulties; and another who doesn't see the positive in Hank but harps on the negative.   Both teachers I'm sure Hank will never he will see as a positive influence, and the other he will strive to never ever emulate.  I think this is a GREAT lesson for anyone who works with children!

Be sure to give this story to anyone who is a Hank Zipzer fan, along with readers who need a positive story about overcoming adversity to reach your goal.

Highly Recommended.

Want to see more?  Check it out on Amazon: A Brand-New Me! by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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