Friday, June 25, 2010

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Stanley was just a normal boy, until one morning he woke to find that his bulletin board had fallen off the wall during the night, flattening Stanley into a boy who was paper-thin!  
After many failed attempts to return him to normal size, it determined Stanley would have to keep his thin state.  At first it was very fun, Stanley could slide under doors, travel through the mail, be a kite...he even helped solve a mystery at the local art gallery.

But eventually Stanley doesn't like his thinness...people keep making fun of him!  Will he ever find a way to return to his original size?

What I Thought: 
Such a cute story...I can see why this story has been a favorite with generation after generation.   The thought of being one inch thick and the benefits that could entail are endless!  

The Flat Stanley story has been used in so many creative ways, probably the most familiar is creating your own Flat Stanley and mailing him all over the world with a request to track his adventures.  Or, creating your own and taking him on your own adventures keeping a journal of his fun journeys.  

There is a new series of Flat Stanley books featuring some of his can check them out here:  

This is a super fun book and character that I hope will stick around for generations to come!

Very highly recommended.  

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