Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here Comes the Big Mean Dust Bunny by Jan Thomas

The rhyming dust bunnies are back! This time, they encounter a BIG MEAN dust bunny who is rather grouchy. Soon, the big mean dust bunny is rhyming right along with the rest of them. Well, all of them but Bob, who keeps saying "cat" instead of a word that rhymes.

He's weird.

Anyway, they are all having fun, when a cat comes along (maybe Bob isn't so weird) and squashes the big mean dust bunny! Being nice, the rhyming dust bunnies unsquash him and gives hugs all around.

What I Thought:
I wasn't such a fan of the first book, but I don't think I got it. Everyone else enjoyed so I went into this book with an open mind.

While its not one of my favorites out there, I can definitely see why everyone else does! The dust bunnies are super cute and kids will love rhyming along with them. And who can't related to the big, mean dust bunny? I appreciate how he was mean to the rhyming dust bunnies they still help him when he's in trouble and the big mean dust bunny has a change of heart.

I do adore the illustrations with the super bright colors and the text balloons.

A super fun book that I can't wait to read aloud to the preschoolers at the library.


Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Here Comes the Big Mean Dust Bunny by Jan Thomas.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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