Saturday, January 09, 2010

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother by Lois Lowry, illusrated by Middy Thomas

It's another fun day in Miss Pidgeon's second grade class. The principal has asked all the students to ask their parents to be a room mother (or father) for their class. Thanksgiving is coming soon and every class needs a room parent to provide cupcakes for the annual Thanksgiving pageant.

Unfortunately none of the parents of Miss Pidgeon's students are able to volunteer for the job. What are they going to do?

Gooney Bird to the rescue! As the class prepares for it's Thanksgiving performance written by Miss Pidgeon, Gooney finds a room mother and in turn receives the honor to play Sequoya in the pageant.

Everyone is excited about the room mother, and wants to know who it is...but Gooney Bird has promised she will remain incognito until the day of the pageant.

What I Thought:
I love Gooney Bird. I think she's become one of my favorite characters out there for the 1st-4th(ish) grade crowd. She's like the precursor to a lot of the popular kid characters out there like Junie B., Clementine, Roscoe Riley, etc. So much fun.

As in all of Gooney's books, Lowry tackles a topic of language arts and intertwines it into the story. This book focuses on vocabulary and dictionary skills, which is genius!

A few black and white illustrations accompany the text and adds a great visual aspect to the story.

Another great installment in the Gooney Bird series! You can see my reviews of the others here:
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Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Gooney Bird and the Room Mother by Lois Lowry, illusrated by Middy Thomas.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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