Monday, January 18, 2010

Dancing in the Winds by Debbie Allen, illustrations by Kadir Nelson

This is the story of Sassy, a young dancer who didn't quite fit the typical physical look of a ballerina, but that didn't stop her! Tall, large feet; definitely not the delicate physique of the typical ballerina.

Sassy was just that...always had something to say and never gave up, no matter who was telling her that what she wanted wasn't possible.

When the opportunity to audition for a summer dance festival in Washington DC arrives, Sassy is thrilled with the opportunity. But the other girls tease her about her size and tell her she doesn't have a shot.

In tears, Sassy leaves the class. Her uncle picks her up and encourages Sassy to hold her head high and find a way to stand out.

With a confident spirit, Sassy heads into the audition wearing a bright yellow leotard. Everyone else is in black. She definitely stands out!

But is it enough to get into the program?

What I Thought:
A wonderful story about determination, self-confidence, and perseverance...and dancing! Sassy is a lovely character who readers can look up to and learn that it doesn't matter what others say, but what you think of yourself.

The illustrations are extremely well-done, as one would expect from Nelson. He always catches the persona of the story marvelously.


Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Dancing in the Wings by Debbie Allen, illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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