Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every librarian needs one...

My friend Margie has a really cool blog called Picalicious where she and her husband (and maybe some other friends) post a picture a day for a year.

It's great fun to watch what they observe during their daily lives!

Today, she thought of me! How special?? I am so honored.

What picture did she take that reminded her of me? Well...find out!

That's right...a librarian action figure.

Although I hope I don't look quite as frumpy, even though today I sure felt like it!

Thanks Margie...I think it is super cool!


Margie said...

Ha! It didn't make me think of you because of the way it looked! Swear! We found it at the Library of Congress bookstore; right beside the Christopher Columbus action figure :)

ttulizzy said...

Well, I'm honored!

Thanks so much for thinking of me Margie!

You're super sweet. :)