Friday, November 07, 2008

YALSA Literature Symposium

This weekend I will be attending the YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium in Nashville, TN. I am SO excited to get to hang out with some YA book lovers and hear what is the latest and greatest in that world. I'm looking forward to some great informative sessions and meeting some great YA authors!

Check back early next week for a wrap-up of my experience!!


A Magic Bean Buyer said...

Hey, Liz
It was good to see you at YALSA. I love your blog background and have been having fun at the site where you got it! I'm in the process of reviving (maybe) an old blog along these same lines.

ttulizzy said...

Hey Laurel! Great to see you too! I always love seeing the people I hear every week.

Let me know if you revive your blog, I'll add you to my blogroll! Thanks for checking out my site and commenting!