Friday, November 21, 2008

Keesha's House by Helen Frost

This is the story of six teenagers, each struggling with problems and needing somewhere to escape. At some point or another, they all end up at Keesha's house, a house actually belonging to Joe, but has the house open to anyone who just needs a place to stay while working out their problems.

Whether it be teen pregnancy, alcohol abuse, being kicked out, or abusive parents (among others) Keesha's house is a safe zone for all as they help themselves and help each other.

The story is told in short narrative poems with each character speaking its voice, but it reads like a novel.

What I Thought:
What a superb work!! Don't let the poetry scare you away from this work, it seriously reads like a novel.

Frost does a great job letting the readers feel the characters' emotions and pulling you into their lives. I highly recommend this novel.

This book is a 2004 Printz Honor Book as well as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults.

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