Monday, November 03, 2008

Paper Towns by John Green

When Quentin was younger, he and his neighbor friend Margo stumbled across a dead man in the park.

Years later, he is weeks away from graduating high school, and the same Margo taps on his window and talks him into a night to remember. As they cross the city of Orlando playing pranks on some of Margo's friends (er, former friends, they were claiming revenge) who had committed various offenses, Q learns more about this girl whom he is so crazy about.

The next day, Margo vanishes into thin air.

As Quentin and his friends dig through a number of clues to find out where Margo is, they learn about themselves in the process. And have a heck of an ending to their high school experience!

Will they find Margo? You'll have to read it to find out!

What I Thought:
I was highly anticipating the release of this book and was not disappointed! I loved this book! I loved the mystery, the friendship, the longing for a love that may not be so out of reach. It is the end of high school, it is fun and full of memories.

Teens will devour the book for the plot and characters, adults will love the book for the same, but will also relate remembering this special time in their own life.

Green does an outstanding job, this book is very highly recommended. It is pure awesome.

A movie of this book is already in the works...

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Paper Towns by John Green.


sandi said...

I have an incredibly innocent author-crush on John Green.
I love Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska.
Have you seen his vlogs that he does with his brother on youtube?

they are the vlogbrothers on there.

ttulizzy said...

Oh! I HEART John Green.

And the VlogBrothers. I got out of habit of watching them in the past few months, but used to religiously watch them and spent HOURS in their archives. HILARIOUS.

I have a signed, personalized copy of Paper Towns. I haven't met him, a friend hooked me up, but that is a super special book to me!

sandi said...

I am so incredibly jealous!
One of my hobbies is to stalk, authors and get books signed. I go to the National Council of Teachers of English conference every year and have met tons! But he hasnt been one I've met yet. :(

I did get a copy of his new book that he wrote with David Levithan called Will Grayson, Will Grayson signed by David.

ttulizzy said...

That's so cool! I used to make fun of my hubby and his autographed sports memorabilia, but now I can't say anything since I hunt for autographed books.

My fave author is Mo Willems and get autographed books from Books of Wonder bookstore in NYC. He (and lots of authors) does signings there and they sell the leftovers at list cost. (Plus shipping.) Plus I met him a couple of summers ago so 98% of all my books from him are signed.

Google Books of Wonder, it's like heaven for book lovers!

SO Jealous about NCTE, hear they have TONS of book giveaways. ARCs and such.

Oooh, very cool about the signed book! I'm jealous! :)

sandi said...

OH I know Books of Wonder! One of my favorite memories from 2009 was taking a cab with another teacher across NYC during our NY spring break trip to go to the Teen author book thing they had there (I cant remember the name exactly) There were 45 authors signing that day but I could only afford a few books and we had to get back to see a show.
I LOVED IT I will go back there next time I'm in NYC.

And NCTE has tons and tons of free stuff and cheap books during author signings. I had to buy another suitcase to get all my swag home this year.

ttulizzy said...

I would have DIED right there. (Probably because hubs would have killed me for buying a book by every author!)

I bet that place was packed with that many authors.

Oh, extra suitcase is imperative for swag. And be sure to share you experience! I want to go to ALA convention one day...we'll see.

sandi said...

They had to have them sign in rounds of about 10 at a time. I really wanted to stay for the whole thing but we were seeing Mary Poppins!

ttulizzy said...

I so want to see Mary Poppins! I'm hoping it goes on tour soon because next time we go to NYC I promised hubs we could see Avenue Q. It came to Nashville last year and he wanted to go...but the date ended up to be the same night of a basketball game. (He's a college asst. coach.)