Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movie Review: Twilight

So I just got home from watching this movie:

What did I think?


I thought it was okay. I'm very much one who likes the movie to match the book and the "movie" that my imagination creates as I read the story. I understand that the book is very long and the movie would be ridiculous to sit through if they played out every detail, but that is what I wanted. (So there.)

Being that I had already (recently) read (well, listened mostly) to the first book, it was still very fresh on my mind. I wonder if the story made sense to those who had not read the book prior to watching the movie? (If this is you, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!)

A lot was left out that I thought was so good in the book and important to the story, and some things were added that were unnecessary.

Parts of the movie were incredibly cheesy. ("Climb on spidermonkey?" REALLY??) I laughed out loud when Bella dropped the apple and Edward caught it (after it bounced off his shoe!) in the perfect pose of the book's cover. I thought some of the dialogue was lame.

I thought Robert Pattinson was good, I imagined Edward a little (but not much) more animated than he was portrayed. And I thought his hair was just horrible. Seriously bad. (And he is very, very good looking!) I thought Kristen Stewart did a great job portraying Bella, she was just like I imagined. Maybe a little more klutzy, but pretty spot on. (She is very pretty and I so want her hair.)

Some of the scenery is absolutely amazing and seeing Edward's speed come to life was pretty cool. The romance is there, I couldn't help but get lost a little in that "awwww, how sweet and I'm jealous" mind frame. (But my husband is WAY better than Edward Cullen!)

Overall, I recommend it to anyone who thinks they want to see it. However, if you REALLY want the story, you need to read the book. (It is WAY better!) You can check out my review of that here.


craig said...

So the cafeteria scene isn't in the movie where the apple rolls up his leg? I caught that it was an ode to the cover I just thought the cover was designed that way off that moment in the book.

What limited time he had I found Jacob to be more interesting. Maybe its because he came off as warm and friendly where Edward comes off as distant and aloof. I get why there is distance. The whole "I may bite you desire" is obvious.

The funny thing is that I saw it twice. I'm a sucker and cave when my lady friends want company so I went twice. Therefore, I hope the sequel is as good as possible...cause I'll probably see it..twice! ;-)

-Craig P.

Ashley said...

I'd have to agree with you for the most part. I loved how they incorporated the book cover into the cafeteria scene! I thought Bella's friends were pretty funny. And when her dad had the shotgun ready when Edward came over was funny, too.

I really liked Rob Pattinson as Edward. I thought he did a pretty good job (and I liked his hair). Kristen Stewart was good, except for the scene in the hospital at the end. When she was telling Edward to never leave her, it was a little over the top.

I think they should have had more with the other Cullens, since they are such a big part of the series. The movie barely had them in it. I think several of them only had about two lines, so they weren't able to show their different personalities.

Hopefully, the sequel will improve on Twilight with better special effects and a better written script. Great blog, Liz! :)