Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crunch by Leslie Connor

It's crunchtime and Dewey Marris is right in the middle.  There is a gas shortage and with his parents stranded hours away, it is up to him and his siblings to keep life running as smoothly as possible for his 5 year old twin brother and sister.  While his older sister keeps the home running, Dewey keeps the family's bicycle repair business, the Marriss Bike Barn, going.

Since there is no fuel available Dewey and his brother Vince are busy with the booming business.  While the duo try hard not to become overwhelmed, when parts go missing and it appears they are being robbed a little at a time, the kids make hard decisions.  

What I Thought:
An entertaining read!  It didn't take long for me to get involved in Dewey's story, Connor did a great job peaking my interest in the first pages.  I was interested in how the family would function during the gas shortage and while mom & dad were stranded hours away. 

This book also made me wonder what I would do if a gas shortage like this ever happened.  (I wasn't around for the one in the 1970's.)  In this book, people are riding their bicycles down the highway, which is an interesting concept. 

Overall, a good book with some interesting characters. 


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Reviewed from a library copy.

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