Saturday, July 31, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief MOVIE

I just finished watching the movie Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. 

Wow.  This was definitely one of those movies that I could TEAR apart the differences between the book and the movie. 

The movie was good too. The book was better.

My thoughts:
  • This movie was quite a bit more scary and intense than the books.  I could totally see some younger kids who loved the books be kind of frightened by the movie.  (That being said, I thought some of the characters that were digitally created were pretty fantastic.)
  • One can read the book, and then watch the movie and get basically 2 completely different stories!  While the basic plot frame (like the general idea of plot) is the same, there are few similarities otherwise.  Which I can't decide if I like or not. 
One thing I did find exciting was the feature of Nashville in the movie!  Instead of the threesome heading to St. Louis and the arch, they went to Nashville and the Parthenon.  I'm a Nashville native and LOVED seeing Centennial Park on the movie screen.

Overall, I thought it was a very enjoyable movie.  I think I'm going to have to stop reading a book then immediately watching its movie counterpart...I spend to much brainpower picking apart the differences rather than just enjoying the experience.

So have you read the book and seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?  I'd love hear them.  Leave a comment!  



Shaunells Hair said...

So I love your blog! After doing hair, I love reading (perhaps a bit more). I saw the movie, havent' read the book yet. Have you read "the Help" by Kathryn Sockett? Excellent! Come see me at

ttulizzy said...

Wow, what a sweet compliment! Thanks so much! Your blog is awesome! I will definitely be learning things from you if I have a little girl one day!