Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson & the Olympians #1 by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson can't seem to stay out of trouble.  He's about to be kicked out of another boarding school, where some events seem just....odd.

Upon returning home for the summer, he and his mother take off for a relaxing weekend when it takes an unbelievable turn causing Percy to battle against a monster and then running for refuge at a summer camp.

A camp for kids who are half-bloods...on half human, one half Greek god.

Percy is a wanted kid already, and is sent on a quest to prevent a war between the gods!   His time is limited, he is still figuring out his new life...will he succeed?

What I Thought: 
I'm very late to the Percy Jackson party, but glad I joined.  It's not one of my favorite series out there, and it did take me a while to get hooked into the story line but once I did I had to finish the book!  I'll eventually pick up book 2, but I'll have to wait for the title to go off the holds list!

Anyway, this book made me want to freshen up my Greek mythology knowledge.  I was pretty confused throughout the first part of the story trying to figure out what god did what and went with who.  However, by the end I felt pretty caught up, though I still think I should really do some brushing up before I move ahead in the series.

This is a super fun book that has all the elements that kids want...super kid hero, action...the works!

If your favorite tween hasn't read it yet...head on down to your local library and check it out!  I'm looking forward to reading book two, and check out the movie of this book.

Highly recommended!

Want to see more?   Check it out on Amazon: The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson & the Olympians #1 by Rick Riordan.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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