Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Quentin Greban

Snow White is a beautiful little girl with a wicked stepmother, the new queen. The queen had a magic mirror that would tell her who the most "fairest one of all" was. When the mirror began naming Snow White as that person, the queen got very jealous.

She ordered Snow White be taken in the woods and killed, her heart returned as proof. A hunter shows mercy and leaves her in the woods where she finds shelter in the dwelling of seven dwarfs, who lets her stay with them.

But the queen knows the truth when her mirror tells her that Snow White is still the fairest of all. The queen devises plan after plan to kill Snow White once and for all.

What I Thought:
This is the classic Brothers Grimm Snow White accompanied with beautiful illustrations by Quentin Greban. I love the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, especially when many people are not familiar with these versions, but only with the Disney-fied version.

I loved the illustrations in this book. Sometimes the illustrations that accompany Brothers Grimm stories are dark and kind of creepy, I found Greban's illustrations inviting and pleasing.

Overall, a great version of this classic story that should be shared with children. This story would open a great discussion of the differences between the different versions kids may have seen. This book was originally published in Belgium.


Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Quentin Greban. Book releases October 1, 2009.

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