Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, illustrated by Louis Slobodkin

This is the story of three little girls, Wanda, Peggy and Maddie. They attended school together and while Wanda was fairly quiet and kept to herself, and no one payed her any mind. One day, Wanda tells the other girls that she has one hundred dresses in her closet. Peggy and Maddie find this interesting as she wears the same blue dress to school everyday.

So the girls begin teasing Wanda about her one hundred dresses everyday.

One day, Wanda does not come to school. Maddy begins to think about how the whole "game" of teasing Wanda came about, and comes to realize that while Peggy started the teasing, Maddy went along with it because she didn't want to become a target of teasing.

When the results of a class-wide contest was revealed and it was made known that Wanda did have one hundred dresses, the girls felt especially bad for the teasing and attempt to make amends.

What I Thought:
A beautiful story with a timeless message! Even though this book was published in 1944 and some of the details in the story are apparent of this time period, the story as a whole and message conveyed will be relevant forever.

This book is a wonderful read-aloud and would create some great discussions. Should be a must read for all. This book is a 1945 Newbery Honor Book.

Very highly recommended.

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