Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost and Found by Andrew Clements, illustrations by Mark Elliott

When twins Jay Ray and Ray Jay move to a new city they are excited about attending a new school. But Jay must attend by himself on the first day because his brother his sick. He was actually stoked to check out the new schools by himself, without having a look-alike by his side!

Then the most amazing thing happens: it ends up that the school has no record of his brother Ray. So Jay and Ray cook up a scheme that will not only let each twin have the school to themselves one day, but also have some days at home alone! What a perfect plan...right?

What I Thought:

Andrew Clements has quickly became one of my favorite kid's authors! This book is a great example of why I like him so much.

Lost and Found is a great story about a set of twins who get into a predicament when their plan to share a single alias at school blows up. Clements does a great job explaining the twins' feelings and how they get frustrated about looking the same and expectations to be the same, when they clearly have different interests and personalities. People cannot tell them apart, and even worse their parents named them Jay Ray and Ray Jay!

Overall, this a great story that I believe kids will love.

Very Highly Recommended.

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