Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Willoughby and the Lion by Greg Foley

Willoughby is a young boy who has just moved into a new house, which he hated. One day he sees a golden lion perched on a rock in his backyard.

Intrigued, Willoughby asks the lion what he is doing there. The lion responds that he has the power to grant Willoughby ten wishes, but unless he wishes for the "most wonderful thing of all," the lion will be stuck on the rock forever.

Willoughby begins asking for his wishes, and has a grand time. But when approaching wish ten, the lion is very sad. Will Willoughby wish for the wish that can free the lion?

What I Thought:
This book is absolutely amazing. It truely touched my heart, it's a beautiful story.

I loved the illustrations in this story. They are black and white, but the lion and anything the lion provides through the wishes are presented in a shiny gold foil. Make sure you pay special attention to the lion's facial expressions, it will draw a tear to your eye.

A simply wonderful story that shows what is truly important, even when one has the chance for anything.

Very highly recommended.

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