Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron

In this second installment featuring Lucky and the residents of Hard Pan, a small remote desert town in California, Lucky is days away from turning 11. Life is going pretty well, her "mom" Brigette has opened a small cafe that attracts some business, lately some geologists who have come to the area for research have been stopping by.

This is how Lucky meets meets Paloma, a girl about her age visiting the area with her uncle. They hit it off, and Paloma is invited out for the weekend to help celebrate Lucky's 11th birthday.

They are intrigued by an old legend that the brooch of Paloma (a different one!) is at the bottom of an old well.

When the girls get into trouble, will the residents of Hard Pan come to the rescue?

What I Thought:
I thought this was a good book, and a neat follow up to the Newbery Award Medal winning novel, The Higher Power of Lucky. From what I've read, there will be a third book coming sometime in the future!

Hard Pan is such an interesting place! It's a very small town in the desert and populated by a crew of unusual residents that are fun to read about and get to know.

Highly Recommended.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron.

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chelle said...

Cool! I enjoyed The Higher Power of Lucky. I'll have to check this one out too. Thanks for posting this review, Liz!