Friday, April 10, 2009

Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic

Duck, Irene and all of the other animal friends are playing one day when the doorbell rings. Much to their surprise, it's an alligator who has run away from the zoo and needs somewhere to hide.

But should they let him in? Alligators are known for eating animals, in fact this one has been accused of eating a little's girls pet. The alligator just thought it was a snack!

They group lets him in and spends the next bit figuring out how to hide the alligator from the detective (it's hard to hid such a large animal!) and keeping him full. (So he won't get hungry and eat them!)

What I Thought:
A wonderful book. This is the third book featuring Duck, also check out Duck at the Door and Duck Soup.

This book does not disappoint anyone who is a fan of the earlier books. The story is fun, the illustrations are bright and enhance the story wonderfully. This book is a delight.

Highly Recommended.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic.

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