Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Many Toys by David Shannon

Spencer has WAY too many toys. They are everywhere in his house. Big ones, little ones, electronic ones, stuffed ones....every type of toy imaginable.

When his mom can take it no longer, she declares that Spencer must choose some toys that he doesn't want or play with anymore so they can get rid of them.

Oh NO! To Spencer, this is catastrophe!

Finally, after some discussion and some bargaining, Mom and Spencer finally fill up a box. But Spencer finds a much better toy play with at the end!

What I Thought:
I love David Shannon. His books are always so "spot on" to kids and parents. This book is no different. You can just see the frustration in the parents of all the toys and Spencer reluctance to give them up, because they are ALL special to him.

I love Shannon's illustrations. He has a style all of his own, anyone can easily pick out a David Shannon illustrated work from a mile away. His style is bold, colorful, with a sense or rawness...they add personality and so much the story.

Besides being a great story, this is a perfect story to read and then proceed to pick out some toys to get rid of yourself!

I especially love the plug for books and such and zinger to video games: "He had puzzles, board games, and talking books that fueled his mind...and loud, jumpy, frenzied video games that didn't."

Touche, David Shannon! Nice jab there! (Which he is totally right, by the way)

Overall, a great story and wonderful read aloud with a good message.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Too Many Toys by David Shannon.

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