Sunday, January 04, 2009

Snoring Beauty by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Howard Fine

King Gluteus and Queen Esophagus were overjoyed when they had a baby girl, and named her Princess Drachmina Lofresca Malvolio Margarine. All the fairies in the land were invited for her christening, except for one-Beebo. That fairy came anyway, and out of spite gave a mean spirited gift that was made even more odd when another hearing impaired fairy messed it up while all the other fairies bestowed sweet gifts to the child.

On the Princess's sixteenth birthday, Beebo's gift came true, and the princess turned into a sleeping dragon that could only be awakened by a quince. (Yes, a quince-not a prince.)

So for years the Princess (dragon) slept. And SNORED. Very loudly. The queen and king tried everything they knew to do to wake her up, but to no avail. Will her quince ever come to wake the princess and give the kingdom a peaceful night's sleep?

What I Thought:
The amazing cover illustration caught my eye and enticed me to read this book. I'll admit, at first I wasn't super impressed by the story, but my mind was changed by the end.

This book is a twist on several fairy tales and other stories. This book is definitely a fractured fairy tale stemming from Sleeping Beauty, but I also saw other stories in here as well: Ella Enchanted, and the dragon reminded me a little of Shrek. (But I'm weird, so maybe that is just me.)

Overall, I think this is a delightful story! The illustrations are spot on and enhance the story greatly. This book would be great in any fairy tale unit, and any child who loves fantasy or just a solid story will enjoy this book. While it's long, it would be a great read aloud for older children. I think it would make a very fun reader's theater activity!!

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Snoring Beauty by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Howard Fine.

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