Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chester's Back! by Melanie Watt

Chester is back in his second book and is more difficult than ever! As Melanie Watt tries to write a nice story about her cat, he keeps interrupting her story and messing it up! Melanie finally gets so fed up that she holds auditions for a "new" Chester, but Chester will have none of that. When Melanie gives in to Chester's demands and writes the story just like HE wants it.

But it doesn't turn it out like Chester imagines....

What I Thought:
Chester is SO. FUN. This book will provoke giggles galore! I can totally see this book being done as a readers theater--the readers will have have a blast acting out Chester's determination and Melanie's frustration.

The illustrations are well done, and it is easy to decipher the separate voices. I want more Chester! Highly recommended.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Chester's Back! by Melanie Watt.

And while you are there, check out the first book about Chester: Chester by Melanie Watt.

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Bridget said...

I agree, Liz! This book is great fun. I read it about a week ago. I haven't read the first Chester book yet, but this determined cat has won my vote.