Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee

When the baby arrived, it was apparent who was boss.

He set up shop right in the middle of the house, called endless meetings, had many demands while enjoying all the perks...and all without the ability to say a single word!

Until one day...

What I Thought:
Another new favorite!  This book is beyond adorable!  This book is the perfect gift for new parents or parents-to-be...it'll give them a tongue-in-cheek glimpse of what they have to experience! 

The illustrations give the story that extra boost...I love the facial expressions on the boss baby...he's so determined while his poor parents look overwhelmed and exhausted.

A fantastic book you won't want to miss!

Very highly recommended.

Want to see more?  Check it out on Amazon: The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee.

Reviewed from a library copy. 

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