Friday, December 11, 2009

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano (but she does love being in recitals) by Peggy Gifford

It's time for Moxy's first piano recital, and she is very excited. She and her sister Pansy will be playing a duet: Heart and Soul. They have designed some very fancy outfits that even include capes and crowns! They even choreographed a intricate bow to do after their performance.

But when the piano teacher calls to ask if Moxy has been practicing stopping her piece at the appropriate time and not play for so long and not pounding the keys so hard...because if she hasn't she won't be performing!

Moxy's mom wants to hear the piece pronto. She has been in Africa with her twin sister who was injured feeding a giraffe and has not been around to listen to them practice.

But you know Moxy...there's always something else that has to be done before the task at hand!

Will Moxy get to perform at the recital?

What I Thought:
Moxy is such a lovable character. She is so busy, it can almost make your head spin!

In this book, she is so excited for her piano recital and being in the center of attention that she can hardly stand it. She is busy getting together her cape, doing her stage makeup, and other tasks all while her injured aunt is trying to sleep, her stepfather is trying to finish a poem, her mother trying to stay awake while making 175 cupcakes, her grandmother sewing, and her twin brother snapping photos at every chance.

I love how Moxy is SO excited for her recital, but when the time comes she gets so much stage fright it almost prevents her from going on stage to perform! But she overcomes and does a wonderful job.

These books are funny and I love how the chapter headings are a part of the story itself.

Moxy is perfect for any Junie B. Jones graduate and anyone else who enjoys a fun story.

This is the third story in this series.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano (but she does love being in recitals) by Peggy Gifford.

Reviewed from a library copy.

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