Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert

Life is starting to get back to normal for DJ Schwenk. She made national news by playing football for her high school team (and dating the rival team's quarterback) and her brother who was severely injured during a college football game and is doing well in rehab adjusting to life in a wheelchair. She's ready to return to school, ready for basketball, ready for normal.

Well, life is never normal! DJ's life gets turned upside down once again when the basketball scouts come calling and DJ is put under enormous pressure to be a leader on the basketball court (which is hard for her) as well as decide her collegiate future. Her family is counting on her!

Mix in a boyfriend and the possibility of a true love...and you've got a junior year one can't forget.

What I Thought:
Front and Center is the finale to a wonderful trilogy of books about DJ Schwenk. While I anticipated the release of this book, I hated to read it because I knew the story would soon be over! This is one of my favorite characters out there today.

I loved how Murdock wrapped up DJ's story and pulled all the books together beautifully. DJ is a super strong female character who learns a lot about herself and life. She is not your typical girly girl...and I found that to be refreshing!

(Plus, I learned more about the technical game of basketball in this book than I have in 4 years of being married to a college basketball coach! Murdock intertwined basketball lingo in the book in a way that made me understand the game.)

Overall, a superb book, a great series. Give to any high school girl (or guy) who loves a great realistic fiction novel with a strong female character. Perfect for the sportsy type!

Very highly recommended.

Want to find out more? Check it out on Amazon: Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert .

Reviewed from a library copy.

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