Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mouse Was Mad by Linda Urban, illustrated by Henry Cole

Mouse was mad. Hopping mad! Hare tried to help him out by showing him the correct way to hop, but he landed in a mud puddle. Animal after animal shows Mouse the correct way to be mad...but he always lands in a mud puddle!

Finally, mouse stands really still and the other animals are impressed!

What I Thought:
A great story! I loved how mouse is showing her feelings and the other animals try to help her, but it only makes it worse. In the end, she's so mad that she stands completely still and when the other animals try to imitate's so silly mouse forgets why she's mad.

A great story for preschoolers learning about feelings and a way to introduce proper anger management! We'll be reading this one soon in preschool storytime...and doing a lot of fun movement to go along with it!


Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Mouse Was Mad by Linda Urban, illustrated by Henry Cole.

Book reviewed from library copy.

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