Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

"Jungle" Jack Hanna shares a number of wacky animals in this book. Each animal is given it's own individual page with a large picture accompanied by several smaller pictures, a short written description of the animal, a box of "quick facts" including a physical description of the animal, where they live and what they eat, and another blurb of information from Jack, ranging from his experience with the animal or an especially odd fact.

What I thought:
I think kids will clamor after this very kid friendly book! Jack Hanna does a great job presenting each animal and giving wacky facts on each one, no matter if it's an animal kids may be familiar with (such as a lion or great white shark) or one that they may not be as familiar with (such as a naked mole rat or a sloth).

The pictures are excellent and the presentation of the material is very friendly for leisurely browsing or reading for information. This book does have a slight religious undertone as Hannah mentions God's animals or His sense of humor.

Book includes a glossary of terms in the back and a DVD of bloopers from Hanna's TV Show, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild. The pages are incredibly sturdy, a definite plus when giving the book to small children!

Give this book to anyone who loves to read about animals (and what kid doesn't like to read about animals?). You take a peek too, it's an enjoyable book for all.

Highly recommended.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna.

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