Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Emma-Jean Fell Out of a Tree by Lauren Tarshis

This is the story of Emma-Jean, a seventh grader at William Gladstone Middle School. Emma-Jean enjoys observing her classmates as seventh graders can sometimes be odd creatures.

When Colleen, Emma-Jean's classmate and friend, is found crying hopelessly in the girls room, Emma-Jean is not sure how to react. As Colleen explains what is wrong Emma-Jean gets the impression that she needs to do something.

So Emma-Jean takes care of the problem by writing (forging) a simple letter. When this (seems) to work out wonderfully she tries to help other people on the manner.

Will Emma-Jean's plan work problem will it backfire?

What I thought:
What an interesting story! Emma-Jean is such an odd character, definitely not your typical 7th grader. She is very smart and observant of her classmates who she thinks of as kind of odd. She is very secure in herself and tries to help her classmates in the best way she knows how.

Colleen also shares much of the story as she is upset that her best friend invited someone else to go skiing with her family. Colleen is your typical 7th grader, emotional, happy with many friends. When readers compares the two as their friendship grows, they will me able to see the differences the two personalities.

Overall, a very enjoyable book that I think most middle school/Jr. High girls will enjoy.


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Stay tuned to read my review of Emma-Jean Falls in Love coming soon!

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