Monday, March 09, 2009

Buffalo Music by Tracey E. Fern, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Western pioneers Molly and Charlie settled in the Palo Duro Canyon and Molly completed her chores listening to the various sounds of the nearby buffalo grazing nearby, her "buffalo music." One day, hunters move in and wipe out a majority of the herds living in the area. Molly was sad, and missed hearing the buffalo.

One day Billie the cowhand brings Molly two orphan buffalo calves in hope that Molly can nurse them back to health and raise them to become full grown buffalo. Of course, Molly complies, and soon enough she has a whole herd of buffalo.

Eventually, this members of her buffalo heard will be used to repopulate the population of other herds throughout the country.

While this book is a work of fiction, it is based on a real person-Mary Ann Goodnight and her conservation work with buffalo.

What I Thought:
What a fascinating story! This picture is a springboard for all kinds of different topics: settling the west, buffalo, animal conservation, and even farm life! The illustrations of this book are outstanding, make sure you check out the endpapers!

This book is a wonderful read, one that I highly recommend, and I am sure this book will be raking in all sorts of book awards in the very near future!!

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