Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Adult Literature Seminar with TN State Library & Archives

Today I had the honor of being a co-presenter for a short web seminar about Young Adult Literature for the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

I had a lot of fun working on this presentation with Lindsey Wesson from the TN State Library & Archives and Roy Lee from the Linebaugh Public Library.

The presentation was recorded, and as soon as the link to the presentation is make public I will be sure to share!  UPDATE:  Here is the link:  

So, if you are visiting my blog from the way of this presentation, Welcome!  A few things about me:
  • My book blog is really more a personal book journal.  I don't expect anyone else out there to read this, or if they care!  This blog is a way for me to chronicle what I have read, and a way for me to look back at some good books when I am blocked on some great books to share with my library patrons. 
  • Though I should, I don't blog every book I read.  Sometimes I just don't feel like writing about it.  So I don't!  However, you can always check out what I am currently reading or just finished reading by checking out the right sidebar!  It's always updated as I start and/or finish a new book!
  • I am currently studying for comprehensive exams for my MIS degree from UT-Knoxville, which will take place on October 29.  Therefore, I have "grounded" myself from any reading that is not studying!  I have a LONG list of books I can't wait to jump into after I am stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!  I love feel free to leave one!

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