Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greetings from Nowhere by Jane O'Connor

This is the story of the Sleepy Time Motel. It sits, lonely, tucked within the Great Smoky Mountains. It's owner, Aggie, recently lost her husband and can no longer take care of the place with all of its upkeep. Plus, there have been no motel guests in quite some time. So Aggie reluctantly puts an add in the paper to sell her beloved motel/home.

Enter Willow and her father. Willow's mother has recently left them and her father is looking for a new life. What better than to start over by running a quaint motel in the mountains?

Also entering the story is Kirby, a seemingly troubled young man being shipped off to boarding school by his parents. When his mother's car breaks down, the seek refuge at the nearest place...the Sleepy Time Motel.

And finally, Loretta and her family are in search of Loretta's past and find great comfort in the Sleepy Time Motel.

As the stories of this motel and these people mesh together, the true spirit of humanity peeks out, the love, cooperation, and how a little help from each other can make all the difference in the world.

What I Thought:
This book pleasantly surprised me! I didn't really know what to expect...I had a read a couple of positive reviews but didn't know much else about the story. Ended up I couldn't put the book down...I read it in a couple of hours during a road trip.

I fell in love with the characters and rather longed to go stay at the motel with all of them! I loved how the different characters ultimately fell in love with the motel and all pitched in to help when needed, everyone's stories wrapped up nicely.

There are several different voices that tell the story, which allows the reader grow a stronger connection to the story and characters.

Very highly recommended.

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