Sunday, May 24, 2009

Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine by Francesca Simon

Henry is just horrid, and his brother Peter is just over-the-top perfect! In this book with four short stories about the duo, they visit the countryside, Henry builds a time machine, Peter attempts revenge on his brother for all the mean things he's done to him, and the family heads to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

What I Thought:
These are apparently some of the best selling books in the world, and is a the #1 selling children's series in the UK.

But I didn't like it.

Horrid Henry definitely lives up to his name, and he rather got on my nerves! This book is four different stories that work together to make a cohesive book. It's a good story, but what bothers me it that Henry is just rotten and his character doesn't change for the better at any point in the book! I guess I was disappointed that Henry had no negative repercussions for his truly "horrid" behavior.

Which could be why this book is so popular, as it is simply a fun story with no attempts to modify behavior!

Now I found Peter, Henry's "perfect" brother, just as annoying as Henry in his "goodness." Just as Henry could do nothing right, Peter could do no wrong. I kind of wanted to pinch his perfect head off. :)

This book is a series of books. I'm going to get these for my library, simply because I've seen them prominently displayed in several bookstores and I'm sure I will have requests for them. However, I'm anxious to see if they circulate and what kids think of them!

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon: Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine by Francesca Simon

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